Succinic Acid Acne Treatment

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The Inkey List Succinic Acid Acne Treatment
\sa-sin-ik \ a-sed \ ak-nee \ tree – t – ment\

Clear blemishes fast, reduce inflammation and prevent clogged pores with our non-drying, targeted treatment. Along with a cream formula, it is easily layered under makeup without flaking. With 2% Succinic Acid, the treatment gently reduces blemish size, minimizes oil levels and unblocks pores whilst also helping prevent them from clogging again after use. Combined with 2% Sulfur and 1% Salicylic Acid, this targeted treatment will help shrink blemishes and blackheads whilst being still gentle on the skin.

Suggested Usage:
  • Gentle formula for daily use on active pimples or blemishes only.
  • Can be applied to a blemish up to three times per day.
  • Place a small and targeted amount directly onto the affected area only.
  • If you would like to use other skincare or makeup on top, leave the formula to dry for 10 minutes before applying.

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