Scientifique K+

Nail hardener.


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Brand: Mavala

Scientifique K+

The tip of the nail is the most fragile, most unprotected part and breaks easily. This is, therefore, the part of the nail to be strengthened by nail hardener from Mavala. It’s hardens the nail plate thanks to an active scientific ingredient that enhances the cohesion of keratin fibers, thus allowing the three principal nail layers to bond together. It also contains Crystal resin tears, a gum extracted from the pistachio mastic tree that helps the natural keratinization process of nails, reinforcing them. This penetrating aqueous solution, which is neither a base nor a nail polish, hardens soft nails and avoids them breaking or splitting.

How to use
  • Remove manicure and any oily film from nails.
  • Apply Mavala Scientifique K+ from the center of the nail to the tip only.
  • Avoid touching cuticles and skin around nails in order not to harden them as well.
  • Leave to penetrate for one minute by holding hands downwards; therefore, The product does not run toward the cuticles. Its application can be followed by your usual manicure (base coat, nail polish, top coat).
  • Use two to three times a week until nails have obtained the desired hardness. Then, you may space out the applications.



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